The United Technology Research Centre Ireland (UTRCI) research agenda for the next generation of building energy management systems requires the development of a high-fidelity building energy simulation model that supports reduced-order model validation and simulation-based assessment of energy use reduction potential. This one year project started on January 2012 and is funded by UTRCI. 
There are two partners involved on this project: NUI Galway and UTRCI.  

The objective of this project is to develop Building Information Modelling (BIM) and high-fidelity energy performance models for the NIMBUS building located on the CIT campus in Cork, Ireland. The aim is to assess the potential and role of operational BIM (O-BIM) technology in continuous commissioning to enable the long term energy efficient building operation. The high-fidelity energy performance models will be used as a reference for improving/refining the reduced-order modelling approach for building models. They will also be used for developing optimal supervisory control strategies that minimize energy consumption and peak demand.  

Key Information 

Start date: January 2012 
End Date: January 2013 
Source of funding: United Technology Research Centre Ireland (UTRCI) 
IRUSE contact: Luis M. Blanes