The Appropriate Working Environments (AWE) project focuses on the development of an automated Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) tool for large Air Handling Units (AHU) as part of the Innovation for Ireland's Energy Efficiency (I2E2) Technology Centre. This three year project started in March 2011 and is funded by Enterprise Ireland. There are 2 universities involved (NUI Galway and University College Cork) and 6 industry collaborators who are providing access to the AHUs on their manufacturing sites. These are:Analog Devices (Limerick), Boston Scientific (Galway), DePuy (Cork), EMC (Cork), Intel (Dublin), Pfizer (Dublin)

The tool focuses on rule-based and statistical methods for detecting costly faults in these AHUs, such as: leaking/stuck valves and dampers; design and commissioning issues; incorrect operating profiles; etc. As of May 2012 there are a total of 27 pilot AHUs under investigation in the project. An alpha version of the tool is currently under testing and so far annual savings in excess of €100,000 have been identified on the 8 AHUs that have been investigated to date. 

Key information

Start date: March 2011 
End date: March 2014 
Source of funding: Enterprise Ireland 
Website: http://www.i2e2.ie/Current-Research/hvac.html 
IRUSE contact: Daniel Coakley Peter O'Donovan