DE-RISK the adoption of Local Flexibility Markets to unlock the safe and reliable mass deployment of Renewable Energy Systems

Project description

DE-RISK aims to support the market uptake of renewable energy systems by fostering the adoption of  LFMs and unlocking up to  100GW  of flexibility in  2030 which will allow a  safe and reliable integration of  RES  in the grid.  DE-RISK will achieve this ambitious objective by minimizing the investments and implementation risk through an innovative customer behaviour change journey that will increase end users’  trust and willingness to participate in the flexibility markets.

Project Objectives

DE-RISK overcomes the above challenges by de-risking the adoption of local flexibility markets to unlock the full demand response potential and therefore supporting the market uptake of renewable energy systems. DE-RISK aims at:

Boosting the end-users active participation in the Local Flexibility Markets by deeply understanding their needs and requirements through an innovative behavioural analysis methodology, to then use the results to develop behaviour change techniques and their mechanisms of action for engagement, participatory processes and gamification.

Deploying the low-cost DE-RISK digital twin automated platform to assess, validate and unlock the flexibility potential in 4 highly replicable case studies from different regions of the EU as per geographical, climatic and regulatory conditions.

Bridging the regulatory gap and road mapping the local flexibility markets in different regulatory and policy frameworks and market maturity conditions starting with use cases and ensuring the seamless implementation of DE-RISK in the participating countries while informing local, national and EU policymakers through dedicated regulatory workshops.

Developing innovative sustainable business models and financing mechanisms (crowdfunding/ lending, EPC, P2P) to de-risk the upfront investment to ensure long-term viability and sustainability of the local flexibility markets.

Key information:

Start date: October 2022
End date: September 2025
Source of funding: EU Horizon Europe  
EU / H2020 Grant Agreement No.: 101075515