CASCADE aims to develop an airport specific ICT energy management solution underpinned by systematic Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD). FDD can identify faults in complex facilities. It uses dynamic model based and rule based algorithms to track possible performance degradation and inadequate behaviour of mechanical and electrical systems leading to excessive energy consumption. NUI Galway will pioneer a FDD based ICT energy management methodology that integrates several innovating commercial and under development solutions including the ISO 50001 energy management software, advanced data visualisation, and building performance simulation. CASCADE will develop a systematic user-centred standards-based Energy Action System through the integration of a range of ICT provided by project partners and its interoperation with existing BMS/BAS ICT technologies. CASCADE targets a 20% reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emission on targeted systems with a 3 years ROI. It will implement innovative energy management technologies in real facilities at Rome Fiumicino and Milano Malpensa Airports. 

Key information

Start date: October 2011 
End date: September 2014 
Source of funding: European Commission - FP7 
IRUSE contact: Dr. Andrea Costa