HIT2GAP: Highly Innovative building control Tools Tackling the energy performance gap



The performance gap between the design and operation of a building’s energy performance is well documented and verified by measurement campaigns. As documented by the Buildings Working Group of the Green Construction Board, common errors across the four phases of construction can lead to a performance gap that ranges between 150-250% from the design specifications. The accompanying image shows the phases of construction, common errors across the phases, the inefficiencies they produce and their main causes. Systematically addressing these errors is a clear actionable way to reduce this gap.

 Overlayed onto this figure is the positioning of HIT2GAP. Leveraging partner background, HIT2GAP will link enabling technologies and approaches in the commissioning and operation phases to improve models and simulations that drive design, construction and the performance of future buildings and retrofits. To do this, HIT2GAP undertakes the challenge of defining and enabling new solutions and products for building energy management which outperform typical “black box” proprietary solutions developed by global companies such as Web CTRL2 and Trend IQ System3. However, proprietary systems cannot be discarded as new technologies or true breakthroughs often address specific challenges and are not robust enough to provide a full-fledge solution (from data acquisition to treatment to management). As such, HIT2GAP aims at linking large system providers and small but highly innovative start-up companies by providing a full-fledge platform that can integrate third-party systems and applications.


The main purpose of HIT2GAP is to elaborate and develop new methods and tools for the better assessment of energy use within a building or a block of buildings in order to minimize the gap between the theoretical and measured values. In its essence, HIT2GAP aims at an open approach for A NEW GENERATION OF BMS SOLUTIONS with plug and play analytics tools and modular services using a win-win strategy (between service providers, BMS manufacturers and cutting-edge SMEs). In other words, SMEs can develop and integrate their tools, algorithms or services within a holistic open framework and HIT2GAP uses its platform and the integrated tools to provide a new generation of BMS. Further, elements of HIT2GAP, such as extended building simulation, may be used in a design context to with the expectation of a diminished gap between the virtual and the real. 

Scientific and Technical Objectives (STOs):
  • STO 1 / Framework, from data to building performance;
  • STO 2 / Agile data collection solutions;
  • STO 3 / Data treatment and information display modules, from data to knowledge;
  • STO 4 / Generic modular BMS platform;
  • STO 5 / Knowledge-based services;
  • STO 7 / Multi market replication. 

Key information

Start date: September 2015
End date: August 2019
Source of funding: EU Horizon 2020  
EU / H2020 Grant Agreement No.: 680708 
IRUSE contact: Luis M. Blanes