Bildings consume 40% of Ireland’s total annual energy translating to €3.5 billion (2004). The EPBD directive (effective January 2003) places an onus on all member states to rate the energy performance of all buildings in excess of 50m2. 

Energy and environmental performance management systems for residential buildings do not exist and consist of an ad-hoc integration of wired building management systems and Monitoring & Targeting systems for non-residential buildings. These systems are unsophisticated and do not easily lend themselves to cost effective retrofit or integration with other enterprise management systems. 

The objective of this project is to specify, design, and validate a data management technology platform that will support integrated energy & environmental management in buildings utilising a combination of wireless sensor network technologies, an integrated data model and data mining methods and technologies. 

Key Information

Start date: July 2007
End date: June 2010
Source of funding: Enterprise Ireland
IRUSE contact: Marcus M. Keane 
Final Report: Download pdf