NEMBES: Network Embedded Systems


Funded by the Irish Higher Education Authority (HEA), the Network Embedded Systems (NEMBES) project concentrates on the management of internal environments from an environmental and energy point of view. This multi-disciplinary research programme examines the application of network-embedded systems in the design and management of the builts environments. 

IRUSE participate in the programme in collaboration with Cork Institute of Technology. A goal of the research carried out by IRUSE Galway is to develop a systematic methodology for the calibration of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models relating to internal environments in buildings. 

The methodology demonstrated on the Nursing Library building and Engineering Building at NUI Galway supported better control and optimisation of operating indoor environments.

Key information

Start date: July 2009 
End Date: September 2012 
Source of funding: Higher Education Authority 
Website: Nembes official website
IRUSE Contact: Raymond Sterling