Raquel is a graduate of University of Sao Paulo (Sao Carlos/SP, Brazil) where she obtained a BE in Civil Engineering (2016) and a MSc in Hydraulic Engineering and Sanitation (2019). Throughout her undergraduate period, she worked as an undergraduate research assistant for four years. In 2015, she was awarded a one-year exchange scholarship at Michigan State University (East Lansing/MI, USA). In the summer of 2016, she worked as a research assistant on the project  “Advancing Microclimate Design in Urban Temperate Climates” at the Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago/IL, USA). In June 2019 she presented her master dissertation entitled “Economic evaluation of direct filtration technologies applied to water treatment for small populations”.

In September 2019, Raquel was awarded the College of Engineering and Informatics postgraduate scholarship, becoming a PhD candidate in the Department of Civil Engineering at NUI Galway (within the IRUSE group), under the supervision of Dr. Marcus Keane and Dr. Eoghan Clifford. Her proposed research aims to assist the decision-making process related to the implementation of a global water/waste management system in multi-site organisations. This will help these industries at improving their water/waste sustainability, thus achieving a wide range of benefits that vary from environmental impact reduction to a positive public perception.

Research interests

  • Water/waste management
  • Global management systems
  • Sustainability in buildings
  • Economic evaluation

Contact details

Raquel Lima, BE, MSc
Department of Civil Engineering,
NUI Galway 
University Road, Galway, Ireland 

Skype: raquel.lima.jau_1