Eoghan is a co-inventor on 3 wastewater and sludge treatment technologies one of which is licensed to a leading Irish multinational company. His research interests span across a wide variety of areas related to waste and wastewater management technologies.

He is leading researcher of the WATERNOMICS project for NUIG. 


The UN has designated 2013 as the International Year for Cooperation on Water to highlight the global challenges for water management. The World Economic Forum (in 2013) listed "The Water Supply Crises" as a major risk to global economic growth and environmental policies in the next 10 years. A reduction in water consumption is a key measure to the supply crisis - with consequent savings in energy. 

WATERNOMICS will enable reduced water consumption by increasing awareness of the availability of water resources and providing personalized feedback about water consumption. Currently the limited information available from the water services ecosystem is interoperable or not presented effectively to stakeholders. WATERNOMICS overcomes this problem by implementing a new level of smart meter and sensor technology and knowledge/social media based techniques to the water sector. 

WATERNOMICS introduces Demand Response principles and takes a human centric approach that uses novel channels and interfaces including personalised water data, water availability based pricing, gamification of water usage statistics and open business models. 

WATERNOMICS introduces forecasting and fault detection diagnosis to the water sector and pioneering a new dialogue between water stakeholders. Knowledge transfer from the energy sector (ISO and IPMVP) will be used to provide an accepted baseline to the work. 

WATERNOMICS will be demonstrated in three high impact pilots:
1. domestic users in Spain implemented by a water utility (AquaGest);
2. corporate operator Linate Airport (SEA);
3. municipal water based demonstration in Poland (ZWIK). 

WATERNOMICS combines key expertise including ICT and sensor development, engineering and commercial/marketing expertise. The project highlights business development, exploitation planning, and outcome oriented dissemination. 

Research interests

  • Water and wastewater treatment;
  • environmental sensors;
  • odor and gas treatment;
  • waste management;
  • sustainable management of water resources;
  • mathematical modelling of water, wastewater and sludge treatment systems.

Contact details

Eoghan Clifford, Ph.D.
Eng-1035, Engineering Building
Department of Civil Engineering 
NUI Galway 
University Road, Galway, Ireland 

Landline: +353 91 49 2219