IRUSE research focuses on developing concepts, methods and technology that underpin best practice sustainable & holistic lifecycle building management solutions”.

IRUSE research expertise includes the development of integrated building information modelling methodologies, tools and technologies with a particular emphasis on the domain of Energy & Buildings.

IRUSE has also extensive experience in life cycle management of buildings, both in academic and industrial term, participating in some of the largest Irish government funded project in the area of optimised operation of buildings as well as several international and EU projects.


  • Requirements for life cycle oriented building operation strategies (Design, Commissioning, Operation);
  • building Information Models (BIM) focused on the integration of building operation strategies throughout the BLC;
  • BIM intelligence (algorithms) that enables analysis of building performance utilising the virtual and physical data generators;
  • continuous Commissioning and BIM;
  • calibrated Virtual (Models) and Physical (BMS) data generators that can be integrated into a building operation focused BIM;
  • minimum requirements for virtual (reduced order) and physical (minimum measurement) data generators.

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