Federico Seri is a graduate of Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM), Italy, where he obtained a Master of Thermo-mechanical Engineering. The topic of his dissertation was “Development of a method based on genetic algorithms to predict and control indoor air temperature and humidity in large spaces”. In 2015, he pursued and was awarded a PhD and the title of "Doctor Europaeus" in Mechanical and Management Engineering at Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM). The PhD studies were part of the FP7 European project SportE2, under the supervision of Professor Gian Marco Revel at Università Politecnica delle Marche. PhD studies focused on development and implementation of methodologies to support smart metering systems optimizing comfort and energy monitoring in buildings. PhD thesis title: “Development of a methodology for the optimal sensor placement to optimize air temperature monitoring in large spaces”.

From 2015 to 2017, Federico was working as junior postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (DIISM) at Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM), Ancona (Italy). Federico was involved in a H2020 European project NewTREND and technology scouting activity for leading companies in the curtain walling sector.

Currently, Federico is a senior postdoctoral researcher and adjunct lecturer in the College of Engineering and Informatics at NUI Galway. Federico is involved in a number of research projects, including H2020 European project RESPOND, studying demand response for residential buildings, H2020 European project REACT, researching the potential of large-scale deployment of RES and storage assets on geographical islands.

Research interests

Building Simulation Modelling, Optimisation and Calibration; 
Building Management Systems   
Thermal comfort; 
Energy efficient technologies and building auditing; 
Demand Response

Contact details

Federico Seri, B.E., Ph.D.
Department of Civil Engineering 
NUI Galway 
University Road, Galway, Ireland