12th December 2016

IINDIGO partnes talk about the project. Watch the first presentation of the INDIGO project in the link below:
INDIGO Partners Interview

4th October 20116

INDIGO is a Horizon 2020 EU-funded project carried out by 6 partners from across Europe that aims to develop a more efficient, intelligent and economical generation of District Cooling (DC) systems by improving the existing system planning, control and management tools. The project, coordinated by the Spanish institution VEOLIA, started in March 2016 and will last three and a half years.

More information about the INDIGO project in this pressnote, or in the INDIGO website below link.

5th September 2016

IRUSE group is glad to wellcome two new PhD students Adeleh Mohammadi and Sadaf Alam. They will be working for the INDIGO and HIT2GAP projects, under the supervision of Dr. Marcus Keane. We wish you all the best for your new stage in Galway

16th-18th September 2015

IRUSE once again participated in the semi-annual IEA EBC Annex 60 meeting. This time the meeting was hosted by KU Leuven and chosen location was the traditional Irish College in Leuven, Belgium. As activity 2.3 leaders IRUSE is closely involved in fostering the utilisation of computer models during building operations for either model predictive control, fault detection and diagnosis or hardware in the loop.

18th August 2015

The IRUSE Galway  within the  College of Engineering and Informatics, the  Ryan Institute at NUI Galway and  IBPSA Ireland are organising the nZEB-Retrofit Project Workshop on 'Achieving nearly zero-energy buildings through retrofit. The workshop will be held on  Tuesday,   August 18, 2015 in the Engineering Building at NUI Galway.
More details about the workshop can be found here.

28th July 2015

Recent article in the Engineers Journal on the collaborative work between IRUSE Galway and Oran Pre-Cast Ltd, supported by the Irish Research Council and the European Commission:



30th June and 1st July 2015

The second Built2Spec project meeting was hosted by the National University of Ireland (NUI), Galway research team, led by Dr. Marcus Keane, on June 30th – July 1st, 2015 in the Engineering Buildingat NUI Galway, Ireland.

The meeting comprised of the project management and coordination briefings, as well as technical workshops focused on innovative technologies and solutions for self-inspection and quality assurance on a construction site. The leaders presented the work progress within their work packages, outlining the challenges and objectives for the upcoming months.

The interesting aspects of this Built2Spec project meeting were the site visits that included:

The visits were made possible thanks to Mr. Aodh Dalton (NUI Galway), Mr. Brian Holmes (BAM Ireland) and Mr. Dave Holleran (Oran Pre-Cast) who explained in detail the building design, construction, commissioning and operation processes. Those informative presentations and discussions focused on the drawbacks of the construction processes in terms of quality assurance. Furthermore, the aforementioned visits showcased the use of advanced technologies in the construction industry, such as smart construction materials with embedded sensors, BIM, virtual project management platform, GPS enabled heavy plant machinery, automatic machine guidance and the use of automated processes in the manufacturing of precast concrete elements.

21st and 22nd April 2015
IRUSE group at NUI Galway hosted the fourth meeting of the IEA EBC Annex 60 on New generation computational tools for building and community energy systems based on the Modelica and Functional Mockup Interface standards. We received over 55 international experts for two days in the Engineering Building to discuss the issues regarding the standardisation of modelling and simulation in the built environment and its use during building operations.
Further information at www.iea-annex60.org


10-11 February 2015

NUI Galway research team led by Dr. Marcus Keane took part in the official launch of EU Horizon2020 project Built2Spec in Anglet, France. The Built2Spec consortium of 20 partners (which includes four Irish partners NUI Galway, Oran Pre-Cast Ltd, EcoFix Ltd and VRM Technology Ltd) will bring together a new and breakthrough set of technological advances for self-inspection and quality assurance that will be put into the hands of consortium stakeholders to help meeting EU energy efficiency targets, new building standards and related policy ambitions.


6th January 2015

A new exciting 4 year project Built2Spec is starting. The project is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. Built2Spec brings together a new and breakthrough set of technological advances for self-inspection and quality assurance that will be put into the hands of construction stakeholders to help meeting EU energy efficiency targets, new build standards, and related policy ambitions.             
IRUSE at NUI Galway are involved in the Built2Spec consortium with 19 other European partners, including Nobatek (France), CERMA ensa Nantes (France), Institute of Mechanics and Engineering of Bordeaux University of Bordeaux (France), Blue Industry and Science, Paris (France), LOGIREP, Suresnes, (France), Passive House Institute, Darmstadt (Germany), VRM Technology Ltd, London (United Kingdom), Lakehouse Ltd, Romford (United Kingdom), University of Nottingham (United Kingdom), BSRIA Limited, Bracknell (United Kingdom), Netherlands Organisation For Applied Scientific Research, Delft (Netherlands), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), Orascon Huarte Lain, Madrid (Spain), ASCAMM, Cerdanyola Del Valles (Spain), FUNITEC, Barcelona (Spain), De Cinque Linear House, San Salvo (Italy), R2M Solution, Catania (Italy), Durkan Ecofix, Dublin (Ireland), Oran Precast Ltd, Galway (Ireland).

8th December 2014

Congratulations to Ed Corry who successfully passed his VIVA today. He presented the PhD Thesis titled "A methodology to support the holistic environment and energy management of buildings"


27th November 2014

The IRUSE group hosted a seminar titled: "Scaling from Site to Global Energy Management System for Factories of the Future".

Noel Finnerty, Global Real Estate & Facilities Project Mgr.  - Boston Scientific Corporation (BSC)
Albert Quealy, Business Development Manager - Energy & Sustainability Services - Schneider Electric
Brendan Marren, Director - Sales & Marketing - CES Energy
Dr. Mike Brogan,  Co-founder  & COO - Enerit Ltd
Dr. Antonio Ruzzelli, CEO - Wattics Ltd.

This lecture will focus on the development of a global energy management system, from individual site level, to a global multi-national. Boston Scientific Corporation, a medical device manufacturer, with operations in 40 countries worldwide, has recently embarked on an ambitious energy efficiency campaign targeting 5% annual energy reduction within global facilities and utilities. BSC has engaged in a research partnership with NUI Galway through the Informatics Research Unit for Sustainable Engineering (IRUSE) leveraging national funding mechanisms (IRC, Enterprise Ireland) and is also targeting future Horizon 2020 calls in the areas of Smart Manufacturing and Factories of the Future.
In addition, BSC has strategic industrial partnerships with companies operating in various phases of the energy management value chain, including indigenous Irish companies (Enerit Ltd., CES Energy Ltd., Wattics Ltd.) and global leaders in energy management (Schneider Electric). This seminar will give an overview of the BSC strategy for the development of a global energy management system (GEMS) as well as highlighting the role that each of the aforementioned companies play in the energy management life-cycle. The seminar will be followed by 30 mins for networking and refreshments (Tea/Coffee) .

27th of June 2014
Jesus A. Febres represented the IRUSE group at the SEB 14 conference in Cardiff. This is the the Sixth International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings. IRUSE presented two papers at this conference: (1) "A python-MODELICA interface for co-simulation.", and (2) "Model-based fault detection and diagnosis of air handling units: A comparison of methodologies."

23rd of June 2014
Daniel Coakley presented at the BSO 14 conference at UCL in London. This is the second IBPSA-England conference in association with CIBSE. The IRUSE group participated in this event with two contributions: (1) "MODELICA implementation of innovative HVAC sysems for NetZero energy dwellings." and, (2) "Improving whole building energy simulation with artificial neural networks and real performance data."

3rd of April 2014
IRUSE member Luis M. Blanes presented "EDVE: an Energy Diagnosis Visualization Environment" at the CIBSE-ASHRAE Technical Symposium in Dublin. This web application is being developed jointly with the iiTer group at University of Cadiz (Spain).


10th of March 2014
IRUSE participates in the 10th International MODELICA conference in Lund (Sweden). Raymond Sterling and Jesus A. Febres presented recents advances on HVAC and Fault Detection and Diagnosis using Modelica Models.

17th of February 2014

We would like to congratulate Daniel Coakley's on successfullycompleting his viva today.  Daniel presented his thesis titled:

"Calibration of Detailed Building energy Simulation Models using as Analytical Optimisation Approach".

This is the result of four years worth effort on building a methodology to calibrate Building and HVAC models from the perspective of statistical analysis, uncertainty and parametric simulation. Dan's thesis is supported by several publications and presented in world top conferences. IRUSE would like to take this opportunity to wish him all the best and a successful career.
See you at the graduation ceremony !!

27th of January 2014
This week the IRUSE group features in TV!!. EURONEWS produced a short documentary about CASCADE, the EU-FP7 project where NUIG is a key partner.
Check it out in the Futuris series at
Euronews http://eurone.ws/1nbScqw

You can watch it this week at:
Monday 27/01/2014: 18:45, 01:45
Tuesday: 13:15, 18:15, 01:45
Wednesday: 10:15, 16:45, 02:45
Thursday: 14:15, 17:15, 01:45
Friday: 11:45, 15:45
Saturday: 06:45, 12:15, 17:45, 22:15
Sunday: 10:45, 14:15, 20:45




8th of October 2013
IRUSE group participated at the ICEBO 2013 conference in Montreal (Canada). Ed Corry presented "The role of Linked Data and the Semantic Web in Building" and Daniel Coakley presented a paper titled: "Validation of Simulated Thermal Comfort using a Calibrated Building Energy Simulation (BES) model in the context of Building Performance Evaluation & Optimisation". IRUSE also contributed to the paper presented by Ken Bruton: "Development of an Online Expert Rule based Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostic (AFDD) tool for Air Handling Units: Beta Test Results" on the latest developments of the I2E2 project.

7th of October 2013
Today a new IRUSE visiting member has joined the group.
Sergio Marzorati, is a Master student from the Energy Department in Politecnico di Milano. His work at IRUSE will focus on innovative Heat Recovery system for NetZero energy buildings on the control side (by using Dymola/Modelica) and on the building side by using Open studio and Energy Plus to test the performance of these systems versus standard Heat Recovery and traditional heating systems.
We wish him all the best for this experience in Ireland.

26th of August 2013
IRUSE will attend the 13th IBPSA Conference BS2013 in Chambery (France) with three contributions.
During the 25th -28th August, Magdalena Hajdukiewicz, Jesus A. Febres and Luis M. Blanes will be presenting the last IRUSE research outcomes. We hope to see you there!!. The final programme can be consulted here

23rd of August 2013
IRUSE researchers attended the IEA ECBCS ANNEX 60 working phase meeting. This project officially started on July 2013. The first official meeting took place in Aachen during March 2013. This is the second official meeting in Aix Les Bains, France. Subtasks decided in Aachen. This meeting is aimed at defining the activities 1.1-1.4 and 2.1-2.3 relating to the development and use of Modelica libraries to support design and operation of energy efficient buildings. NUIG is responsible for leading activity 2.3, defined as "Model Use during Operation" with focus on Model Predictive Control, Hardware in the Loop and Fault Detection and Diagnostics. Next programmed meetings will be held in Sweden March 2014, Berkeley Sept 2015 and NUI Galway March/May 2015.

IEA ANNEX 60 Participants

2nd of August 2013
IRUSE weather station has been recently mentioned on the Connacht Tribune website (see  http://www.connachttribune.ie/galway-news/item/1017-twister-on-galway-bay-a-fake).
Previously, also RTE referred to the the IRUSE weather measurements during the high rainfall in Galway earlier this year (see  http://www.rte.ie/news/2013/0128/364898-weather-warning/).

15th of August 2013
IRUSE senior researcher Dr. Paul Raftery will join shorthly the Center for the Built Environment, at University of California, Berkeley. Wishing you all the best with your new job!

1st of August 2013
Our senior researcher Dr. Marco Geron, has been appointed Lecturer by the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Queen's University Belfast. Congratulations Marco for this achievement . You have done an great job here, and recognition of this kind is well deserved. Best of luck in your new position!

7th of July 2013
Galway Weather app. now available for iPhone!
Last year, NUI Galway released an Android weather app to keep Galwegians up-to-date on local weather and weather trends. Due to popular demand, the University has now released an iPhone version. The app development was carried out by Ronan Everiss, an NUI Galway Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduate under the supervision of Dr Hugh Melvin. The weather data is provided by the Informatics Research Unit for Sustainable Engineering (IRUSE) research group at NUI Galway led by Dr Marcus Keane, Lecturer in Energy Systems Engineering at the University.

19th of June 2013
IRUSE researchers Marco Geron and Luis M. Blanes participated at the CLIMA 2013 conference in Prague.

21st of May 2013
The IRUSE Galway are organising a full-day workshop on  June 24 th , 2013 that will be held in the  Engineering Building at NUI Galway. The workshop will explore the topic of " Integrated modelling and performance of built environments". Considering the importance of aggressive energy efficiency measures in the building sector together with the requirements for safe, healthy and comfortable built environments this workshop will give an important insight for researchers and industry into both environmental and energy aspects in buildings.

This Engineers Ireland CPD training approved workshop will be a great opportunity to present research currently being done in Ireland on modelling and performance of built environments. Moreover, this workshop will help in networking between various research groups and companies in Ireland that work in the field of built environments. 
The provisional agenda for the workshop includes: 
8.30 - 9.00      Registration
9.00 - 10.00    Welcome address
10.00 - 10.40  Session 1: Sustainable buildings
10.40 - 11.00  Coffee break
11.00 - 11.40  Session 2: Ventilation and air quality
11.40 - 12.20  Session 3: Hygrothermal analysis
12.20 - 13.00  Session 4: Building air tightness
13.00 - 14.00  Lunch
14.00 - 14.40  Session 5: Building acoustics
14.40 - 15.20  Session 6: Fire resistance
15.20 - 16.50  Open discussions
16.50 - 17.00  Closing address

Anyone interested in attending the workshop, please contact
Magdalena Hajdukiewicz.

22nd of April 2013

A new two-year project, funded by the Irish Research Council and Oran Pre-Cast Ltd., has commenced. This project will examine the influence of advanced structural building component properties on indoor environments. The project starts an exciting collaboration with an industrial partner Oran Pre-Cast Ltd, one of the largest and most progressive indigenous pre-cast manufacturers in Ireland ( http://www.oranprecast.ie/). All the best for the project!

5th March 2013
IRUSE-NUIG, were recently invited to take part in the " Uncertainty Analysis (UA) in Building Energy Simulation " clinic at Georgia Institute of Technology, with whom NUI, Galway have an academic partnership. Dr. Marcus Keane (Director/Lead PI, IRUSE), Daniel Coakley (Senior Researcher, IRUSE) and Prof. Padraic O'Donoghue (Snr. Prof., Dept. of Civil Engineering) travelled to Georgia for a week-long workshop on a suite of uncertainty analysis tools developed by PhD and Post-Doctoral students working in the Schools of Architecture and Mechanical Engineering at GA Tech. The parties involved in this clinic included: GATech, (Organisers), Cambridge University (UK), Argonne National Lab (USA), Oakridge National Lab (USA), Portland State University (USA) and University of Pennsylvania (USA). The clinic proposed a seismic shift in the way we think about and conduct building energy design and simulation, with particular emphasis on uncertainty in building, climate and model approximation. With international focus shifting towards energy efficiency in buildings and the growing emergence of energy performance contracting (EPC) in the Building Services sector, this collaboration provides an excellent base for future research projects in a huge emerging market.

First row (L-R): Fried Augenbroe (Georgia Institute of Technology), Yeonsook Heo (Argonne National Lab), Ruchi Choudhary (Cambridge University) Huafen Hu (Portland State University) Bin Yan (University of Pennsylvania). Second row (L-R): Benjamin Lee (Georgia Institute of Technology), Qi Li (Georgia Institute of Technology), Yuming Sun (Georgia Institute of Technology), Daniel Coakley(National University of Ireland, Galway), Adam Rysanek (Cambridge University), Marcus Keane (National University of Ireland, Galway), Qinpeng Wang (Georgia Institute of Technology), Im Piljae (Oak Ridge National Lab), Jackson Roderick K (Oak Ridge National Lab), Li Gu (Georgia Institute of Technology).

For further information on this collaboration, or any other IRUSE activities, please direct your queries to Dr. Marcus Keane or Daniel Coakley.

26th July 2012
The NUI Galway IT department have kindly agreed to host a MySQL database that contains a duplicate of all the archived BMS data from the New Engineering Building. This extremely useful resource is accessible for research and education purposes.

30th June 2012
The IRUSE group members will be volunteering in the NUI Galway tent at the Volvo Ocean Races in Galway. We'll be giving
live demonstrations of the building management management system for the New Engineering Building. We hope to see you there!

4th May 2012
IRUSE would like to welcome Jesus Febres as a new member of the group. Jesus has experience with modelling, simulation and artificial intelligence and will be joining the group as a research masters student developing Modelica models of HVAC systems for fault detection and diagnosis.

19th April 2012
Dr. Elmer Morrissey, a Post-Doctoral Fellow with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) Simulation Research Group, was among four sailors who were lost at sea after a boating accident on Saturday, 14th April 2012. He was part of an eight-member crew participating in a yacht race. A large wave washed some of the crew overboard near San Francisco's Farallones Islands and eventually the crew lost their boat during their rescue efforts as a result of being struck by another series of waves. Of the eight people on board, three were rescued, one was found dead, and four remain missing. The Coast Guard suspended the search as the window of survivability had closed.

Elmer received his Bachelor's degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering (2002) and pursued his Doctorate in Engineering (2002-2006) within the Informatics Research Unit for Sustainable Engineering (IRUSE) at University College Cork (UCC), Ireland.  In 2004 Elmer carried out part of the research for his dissertation at LBNL under the co-supervision of  Dr. Vladimir Bazjanac, which focused on the communication of building energy performance throughout the building life cycle, at LBNL. In 2011, Elmer re-joined LBNL as a Post-Doctoral Fellow and was considered a promising rising star within LBNL's Simulation Research Group.
As Director of IRUSE and more importantly as a colleague and friend of Elmer, I would like to personally and on behalf of past and present IRUSE colleagues express my profound shock and sadness regarding this tragic loss. I have known Elmer as an undergraduate and postgraduate student. Elmer was first and foremost an admirable and decent human being with a sunny and optimistic outlook that affected everyone that had the fortune of engaging with him, both in social occasions and professional activities. Elmer was first rate professional engineer and gifted researcher who found solutions through a combination of intelligence, pragmatism and above all good humour.
Elmer will be sadly missed by us all.
Dr. Marcus Keane